Joinery vs. carpentry- what's the difference?

Reynier van Zyl, Head Joiner and Founder of 11th Emotion explains why bespoke joinery is worth the extra investment.

What is a joiner? Why can’t I just use a carpenter?

"Hmmm...You wouldn't ask a vet to do your plastic surgery would you?

The skill in making wooden components (such as cupboards, shelves, tables, doors, trusses, stairs, etc.) is all in the joints. While both are structural jobs- joiners create wooden masterpieces, while carpenters tend to do the installation/fittings of these. For example, if a carpenter built a roof, its flaws would be disguised with plasterboard on the inside. If a joiner built a roof, it would be beautiful on the inside and a structural piece of art on its own. Joinery is about detailed, aesthetically pleasing work." explains


Does 11th Emotion do both?

"At 11th Emotion we specialise in both joinery and in the carpentry involved in flawlessly fitting a piece into it's environment. All our products come with a lifetime service guarantee. If you have a tricky space or want something distinctive, joinery is the way to go, even if it costs a little extra."

But there are so many made-to-order kitchens? Why go bespoke?

“A ready-made kitchen is great if the units fit exactly into your space,” says Reynier. “But if that doesn’t work for you, a joiner can create something to cleverly make use of the space available, maximising storage and making sense for how you personally like to operate in your kitchen space."

An increase in resale value an added bonus to using a joiner in your home.

"Adding storage such as shelving and cupboard space to your home is one of the things that tends to score big when it comes to resale value. Simple to do with big rewards,"– says Reynier.

"Other great elements that a joiner can create – such as a fold-down desk to create on office nook or a shelving unit that divides a room into two distinct spaces – can also add value. More likely than not, the initial cash spent can be written off against potential future value-increases. Not to mention the aesthetic bonus - your home will be much more livable and more beautiful."

Convinced? Read on.

11th Emotion's Process:

1. The first step is to contact us. We'll set up a convenient appointment for us to look at the space you would like to add something to. We'll’ll be able to tell you whether your idea is feasible and if not, make alternative suggestions.

2. It's best if you find pictures of things you like so that we have an idea of exactly what you want. We work well with mood/pinterest boards so feel free to send us imagery of your dream spaces.

3. Don’t worry about having technical plans drawn up. We'll measure everything up and work off our own plans.

View our gallery on the home page for ideas on how joinery can help to maximise space in your home.

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